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Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company is here to offer the best services at the most affordable charges. Furthermore, We extend our quality service for every small appliance in your home or facility. Als, we repair every major make. Undoubtedly, Our fair pricing and award-outstanding customer service will leave you feeling pleased. For that reason, when it comes to appliance repair in Houston, call Katy's first trusted choice in the industry. For more than twenty years, Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company provided excellent professional care to customers in the repair of domestic home appliances. We offer unbeatable charges and one hundred percent satisfaction.

Why are Appliance Home services, is a Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company?

  1.  One Month warranty on Labor, Three Month warranty on All Parts installed.
  2.  No diagnostic fee when we perform the repairs
  3.  Loyalty discounts for returning customers
  4.  Only genuine, Factory authorized parts used.
  5.  Flexible extended hours of operation to fit your schedule.
  6.  Six working days, except for Sundays.
  7.  Affordable prices, So your repair is never a significant burden.
  8.  Fully stocked vehicles with Allome, The Same Day too.
  9. Expert, friendly, and, Professional, Technicians. Also, personalized customer service
  10.  Our Technicians are licensed and Trained, Bonded and, insured.

In conclusion, We are here to encourage our returning and new clients, so call Houston Premium Appliance Repair Company

Contact us if any of these Home Appliances Failed You!

First, Refrigerators, Freezers and Ice makers;

By all means, refrigerators take repair periodicity over the rest of our Home Appliances. So, what happens when you wake up on a Sunday morning, and your Fridge is Swimming in a puddle of water? Another instance where you open the freezer side door and all your food become thawed out. Perhaps nothing is working, the whole refrigerator unit just quit cooling, and getting warmer. Surely, your day mood would change if you reached the Ice Maker and got some wet ice in your drink. In other words, we don't want you to feel helpless.
In conclusion, whether you own a built-in Sub Zero, a Viking, a Thermador, or a double door Samsung, an LG, or even a French door Whirlpool. Will get it fixed. Some of the other Brands we repair are GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Dacor, Haier, U-Line and much more.

Houston Premium Appliance Repair Company

Secondly, Dishwasher Repair;

Here, at Katy Premium Appliance Repair Service Company Dishwasher repair scores high on our Daily fix list. Unlike any of your other home appliances, your dishwasher will produce specific signs to indicate what's incorrect with it.  For example, if you found residue on your glasses this happen from overusing the Dishwasher detergent. Also, if you overload your machine that might cause it to leak. Furthermore, if you have a faulty pipe connection that will cause your dishwasher to leak as well. Sometimes the need arises because the problem is more than just a simple one. So, whenever this happens, call Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company. Our expert Technicians can Fix any make or brand of dishwashers so, If you own a  broken Asko, a Fisher Paykel, a DCS, a GE or a Samsung, and LG. Help is on the way.

Thirdly, Oven, Cooktop, Stove, Range and, Microwave Repair;

Contemporary life is so quick that it necessitates advanced options to carry out also the day to day activities. Cooking is one of them. However, you always want to make sure that the kitchen is ready and prepared for cooking your favorite meal. You require almost a perfectly functioning kitchen Appliances. Nowadays, Ovens and Ranges became so advanced and equipped with various electronic Boards.

Some Common Oven, Range and, Stove problems;

The oven sensor probe detects the exact Fahrenheit degree in the oven basin. Replace it if it's not catching the temperature correctly, in which matter the Stove doesn't keep the heat you anchored. A total failure, in which the sensor probe doesn't identify any warm up at all, ordinarily triggers a malfunction code on the electronic oven control board. So, when it comes to diagnosing and repairing a cooktop or a stove, you should leave it to an expert. Furthermore, Since All types of kitchen appliances run on high voltage electric current or Natural gas. In either case, tampering with it may subject people to real danger. In any event, Contact the pros at Appliance Home Services. Above all, Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company fix all Ovens, Ranges, Microwaves Makes, and Brands.

Fourthly, Washer, Dryer Repairs;

Ever since Clothes Washers seized their rightful space in our lives, Katy residents are ready to have These Machines in good working conditions at their homes. We remarked how Washers have changed in appearances and capacities. Our technicians are prepared to work with many types of these Washing machines. We do hold experience and knowledge in rendering the best washing machine repair experience in the metropolitan Houston area and Katy. Our corporation consistently served Katy's residents by implementing proper dryer repair services at a reasonable price. Also often than not, our qualified specialists can provide dryer repair services to our customer's residences and businesses and repair broken dryers. We will furnish you with an initial quote and estimation and help you to decide whether you need to buy a new appliance or have the old Dryer serviced and repaired.

Fifth,  Range Hood  Repair Service;

Are you Looking to take care of the issue of a broken Range Hood unit? Appliance Home Services is here to help. We recommended that you do not postpone any kitchen ventilation problems. Because the threats to health and home value are merely probably not worth it, the smoke made by cooking is no better than second-hand smoke, and it will eventually saturate property flooring, walls, and household furniture just as certainly as smoking cigarettes inside your home. If this is not horrible enough, allowing smoke and moisture to remain is a next step to leave hidden condensation, mold, and even mold growth. Nowadays, Greater Houston home-buyers and real estate appraisers are exclusively picky about mold and mildew, smoke, smell, and other potential issues when evaluating property price. Please, try to keep these feasible unseen costs in mind when choosing whether having your Ventilation hood repaired!

Sixth, Garbage Disposal Repair;

To get all of our meal arrangement easy, we use a garbage disposal on a daily base. It runs by grinding leftover food and removes it with a flow of water. An Added important function of waste disposal is that dishwasher leftover parts also get crushed and consumed away with the help of the Grinding mechanism. High-quality garbage disposal is built to serve for above a decade with the help of professionals at Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company. You will identify when the unit will have a mechanical difficulty, usually, as early as a humming sound begins, a harsh squeaky noise or a motor starts burning. Whenever you confront this kind of an issue, we Suggest you shut down the unit and switch off the sink. If the device stopped, you could experience a problem with a burned out motor.

Wine Cooler and Wine Cabinet Repair;

Higher quality coolers today designed with hardwood racks for a custom look. Dual wine Chillers need a decent service performed on a periodic schedule. That is the only way to manage the performance of the unit. So, Call Appliance Home Services Inc, Wine cabinet repair in Houston now, our Katy Premium Appliance Repair Company has several years of practice working on all kinds of brands and types. Technicians are industry qualified, certified and licensed to make repairs. Temperature and Humidity levels need constant 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, Store your wine cooler in the dark side of your living room. The best way to save your wine Chiller from having any breakdown problems, store you Wine resting on the side.

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